Gavin McInnes joins growing talk network ANTHONYCUMIA.COM

Creator of Vice is the second program to join online platform

Anthony Cumia is at it again — the talk show personality announces the addition of writer, actor, and serial entrepreneur Gavin McInnes to his growing online network of uncensored programming.

The Gavin McInnes Show will premiere on, June 15 at 9:30 p.m. and will air weekly on Mondays and Thursdays in that time slot. McInnes’s show joins the Legion of Skanks which began broadcasting on the platform June 2.

“Once I started The Anthony Cumia Show last summer, I knew this platform would grow.” said Cumia. “Adding Gavin to the network makes perfect sense; he is a poplar show guest, has a unique view on what is happening in the world and never fails to grab a headline. He’s a great addition to the network.”

McInnes is the creator of Vice Media, he was most recently the host of the podcast “Free Speech.” Known to many as “the Godfather of hipsterdom,” his obsession with the first Amendment blows up the Internet on a regular basis.

“I feel like I’m joining a movement,” McInnes says of his new job with Cumia. “Political correctness is a war on fun and I want to be on the side that’s fighting for fun.” McInnes makes no bones about having an agenda. “My goal is for young people today to be as free as I was when I was their age,” he says, “Back then we had a mantra: ‘You gotta fight for your right to party’.”

Cumia also announced earlier this week that he has signed a lease on a mid-town Manhattan studio location to broadcast his program out of.